December 2005

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‘Tis the Season — for Santarchy

"Santarchy," as you know, is the technical term for any violent rampage carried out by large groups of people dressed as Santa Claus. The latest incident of Santarchy took place in New Zealand, on December 18, when as many as…

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Note to Self: If Found Guilty, Leave

In Houston on Wednesday, a man who had just been found guilty of evading arrest got up and ran out of the courtroom. Police said they had no leads as to his location and had no further information at this…

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Drunken Finn Continues Pestering Norway

Norwegian police said today that they have arrested, again, a Finnish man who insists on visiting Norway to get drunk and undress in public. Police said that the man, whose name was not released, has been arrested and fined nearly…

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Murderer Freed Because Evidence Showed Murder Was Intentional

Coming soon to a "Law & Order" episode, probably, is this story involving New York law. David Policano, who was convicted some years ago of murder, was freed recently by the 2d Circuit Court of Appeals although Policano does not…

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Police Dog Sued

Andi, a police dog who works for the sheriff’s department in Athens, Ohio, has been named in a lawsuit by an alleged drug dealer who was convicted based in part on a search conducted by Andi.  The AP report did…

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Death May Be Banned in Brazilian Town

The mayor of Biritiba Mirim, which as you know is about 50 miles east of Sao Paulo, Brazil, has submitted a bill to the town counsel that would forbid residents from dying. The bill does not include a penalty provision….

Being a Judge in South Padre Island Is Entertaining

Judge David Colwell has written and published a book recounting anecdotes from his ten years on the bench of South Padre Island Municipal Court. Called “Spring Break: A Judge’s View from the Bench,” the book describes all the human drama…

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Why Legal Advice Is Important to Businesses

Mike Bolognue didn’t get any legal advice before investing in his new business. And he therefore spent about half a million dollars on his new "Legends Sports Pub and Grille" in northeast Ohio, before learning that he had built his…

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Utah Government Says It Will Try Not to Bomb Any Homes This Season

Utah's Department of Transportation reassured Provo residents recently that it will not be firing artillery shells into their backyards any more. Apparently, Utah uses 105mm howitzers to trigger controlled avalanches in areas including Provo Canyon. In March, avalanche safety workers…

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Typing Error Costs $225 Million (So Far)

The Associated Press reported today that an unidentified (and now unemployed) trader at Mizuho Securities made a small typing error on Thursday when making a stock sale related to a new offering. Apparently, he meant to offer to sell 1…