April 2006

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Tangerangian Osculation May Not Exceed 4:59

The local government of Tangerang, a comically named suburb of Jakarta, Indonesia, has been trying to crack down on prostitution and address other moral issues for the past several years.  The Tangerangian city council’s laws first sparked protest in February…

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A Brawl That Maybe You Should Not Find Funny, But Probably Will

Four words: "baby shower gone bad." That’s what the police called it.  Three people were arrested on Tuesday after a fight broke out at a baby shower in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Police said that Aristotle Garcia got into a fight with…

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Peruvian Candidates Desperate for Attention

Reuters reports that with over 2,500 people running for 120 seats in Peru’s Congress, candidates have felt it necessary to engage in a variety of stupid stunts to get any attention at all. Some have chained themselves to railings outside…