Angry Parrot Leads Police to Thief

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Police in southwestern England were able to track down a bird thief (apparently at the top of their to-do list these days) after the parrot he stole managed to leave them a vital clue.  Tristand Maidment stole Mickey the Macaw from a pet shop in Frome, England, last month, after a lengthy search to find a pet with a name dumber than his own.

Though Maidment said he did not remember it, Mickey bit him during the struggle, or fracas, or whatever you would call this kind of a fight, and the bite was apparently serious enough to leave a trail of blood that police were able to use to obtain a DNA match.

Mickey’s owner was not surprised by the heroism of his parrot, who he described as "notoriously bad-tempered."

Link: AP via MyWay News