May 2007

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No Questions Again This Term from Justice Thomas

Now that Supreme Court transcripts identify justices by name, which has only been the case since October 2004, it’s possible to (choose one): [gain even more insight into the thought processes of the justices] [waste even more time analyzing pointless…

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Biter Says Bites Were to Teach Bitee Not to Bite

Hector Pulido explained to police that, by biting his nephew repeatedly, he was only trying to teach his nephew that biting people is wrong.  Sure, in retrospect, he may have said, it’s possible that actually biting a 3-year-old multiple times,…

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German Court Tells Bald Man to Buy a Hat

The bald men among you who have been thinking about moving to the German province of Rhineland-Palatinate in order to take advantage of liberal health-care coverage to get free hairpieces should think again. A court there ruled last week that…