May 2007

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished # 174

On April 29, a group of canoers, or canoeists, or canoe wranglers, or whatever you call people who canoe (if "canoe" is a verb), tried to help out when they saw a woman fall or jump from the Perrine Bridge…

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Further Details Emerge on $65-Million-Pants Lawsuit

We learned more this week about the lawsuit by a D.C. administrative law judge against his diabolical neighborhood dry cleaners, who allegedly lost or stole or set fire to or irradiated or otherwise acted tortiously towards a pair of pants…

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Magicians Make Lawsuit Appear Out of Thin Air

The AP reports today that a group of forty-nine Japanese magicians have sued two broadcasting networks for allegedly revealing the secrets of various coin tricks in programs that aired last year.  In a press conference, magician/plaintiff Shintaro Fujiyama told reporters…