May 2010

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Wedding Photo Tips for Bigamists

1. When marrying an additional wife, consider not having pictures taken at the ceremony.  This can be expensive, and in your case, incriminating. 2. If you must have pictures taken, they should be displayed in a simple but tasteful frame, not, for…

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An Even Longer Sentence Has Been Found

I hope that since April 26 you have been able to spend some time contemplating the stupendous ginormitude of the one sentence that comprises the Mittal Steel Point order, each of its 538 words so carefully chosen and placed with…

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Redesign in Progress

I am trying out some blog-redesign ideas. Please do not be alarmed. Actually, you should be very alarmed, just not by this. (Recently I learned that the country is at Threat Level Orange!  So this is probably the least of…