Well, That Was Weird

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As a number of you pointed out to me this morning, it looks like there was a break in the series of tubes by which my blog somehow gets to the Internets, and all that was showing up was a parking-domain page. I was tinkering with some email settings yesterday (trying to set up a "loweringthebar.net" address) and that may have been what broke it, but I am going to assign at least 50 percent of the blame to my hosting service. It apparently may not support doing that unless you use their own email thingamajig, but if they really bombed my website for that reason I will be looking for a new host.

It is probably just a coincidence that the last item I had posted before the crash had to do with the TSA not being able to keep one of its own employees from uploading a "logic bomb" to its system.

I may or may not have fixed it at this point. Weirdly, the blog is now showing up for me normally if I use my laptop, but not if I use my work computer or iPhone. The fix may be in the process of "propagating," or the tubes may be in the process of breaking again. Anyway, if you are able to read this, sorry for the outage.