November 2011

supreme court justices

How You Know When Your Supreme Court Argument Is Going Poorly

Here’s one way: a justice asks you whether you have considered “just confessing error in this case.” Another piece of advice: once the number of justices who have told you to drop a particular argument reaches five, you might as…

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Police Shoot Photographer With Rubber Bullet, Just For Fun

Today Boing Boing asks the question, "Is it legal for police to shoot photographers in a public place simply because they do not want to be photographed?" Well, no. No it is not. That includes Oakland. This video, taken by the shootee,…

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Mimes Deployed

TIME reports that several South American countries have deployed hundreds of mimes, like these two in Caracas, in an effort to shame drivers into obeying traffic rules. "Any infraction," the report says, "leads to frantic miming." Photo: Ariana Cubillos/AP Try…

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Assorted Stupidity #30

Not since this guy faked his own kidnapping has there been a girlfriend-deceiving scheme this dumb. If your poorly scheduled "Craigslist date" knocks on the door at 3 a.m., calling 911 to report her as a "burglar" is a bad option….

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Let’s All Sue Kim Kardashian

Rob Delaney, a very funny comedian who you should be following on Twitter if you do that kind of thing, is threatening to sue Kim Kardashian and her husband what's-his-name for ending their "marriage" after only 72 days: I wish…