December 2011

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Today in Pro Se Litigation

Two interesting CNS reports of newly filed cases (actually filed yesterday, so yes, I guess this should be "Yesterday in Pro Se Litigation," Mr. Headline-Fact-Checker-Guy). The first one was filed by someone who has appeared here before: Joan Newberger v….

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The Homeland Security Snow-Cone Machine

In which those protecting western Michigan from al Qaeda did their best to justify spending a homeland-security grant on 13 snow-cone machines.

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Whoa, Did Something Die in Here? Oh, It Was Freedom

While you weren't looking, those hilarious pranksters in Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which among other things authorizes the military to detain U.S. citizens arrested in this country "without trial until the end of the hostilities authorized by…

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Can You Sue Somebody for Forcing You to Go to Law School?

Nope. [D]uncan contends that his decision to resign his employment was based on the [allegedly bad legal] advice he received from Klein, and as a result of his resignation, he had to enroll in law school, which caused him to…

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Assorted Stupidity #32

In response to increased numbers of gadget thefts from people who are drunk and/or snoozing on the subway, the NYPD is reportedly training undercover officers to act drunk. What does that training involve, I wonder? I think these stakeouts are a…

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Drug-Addled ABA Journal Editors Name LTB to Blawg 100 List

The ABA Journal announced its fifth annual "Blawg 100" list yesterday, and for the second year in a row, the editors have either graciously or mistakenly named Lowering the Bar to that list. Meth use is reportedly rampant over there, and…

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Anti-Piracy Anthem Allegedly Pirated

Boing Boing reports that a Dutch musician is claiming somebody has pirated the anthem he wrote for an anti-piracy video by also using it in DVDs, which he says he didn't authorize and hasn't been paid for. Melchior Rietveldt, who should…

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School Partially Lifts Ban on Playing With Balls

The Canadian school that banned everything but "nerf balls or sponge balls" from its playground last month after a parent was hit in the head with a soccer ball has backed off, but not by much. After a meeting with parents…