January 2012

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NOTE: Cops Unimpressed by Claim of High Google PageRank

“I am a lawyer. You can Google me.” These may both be 100% true statements (they were in this case), but they still aren’t likely to keep you from getting arrested. Also, the odds of that are reduced greatly if…

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Feinstein Bill a Great Step Forward for the Illusion of Civil Rights

While most people were getting ready for New Year's, President Obama was happily signing the National Defense Authorization Act (as Jonathan Turley discusses here). As you may recall, the NDAA contains a hilarious provision that requires anyone accused of terrorism to be detained…

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Honorable Mentions 2011

In an effort to clear out the stories I flagged but didn't get around to writing up during 2011, here's an end-of-last-year assortment that collects some of those, in no particular rank or order. I might or might not return…