December 2012

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Dramatic Bomb Scare Probably Ends Uneventfully

This was posted on Reddit and according to a commenter there it's from the local paper in Hudson, Ohio. The image is a little blurry so I'll transcribe it: HUDSON—A Sullivan Road resident called police to report a "suspicious package"…

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DUI: Christmas Float

This happened in 2006, but it must be added to the database of cases involving Driving Something Unusual While Intoxicated, for reasons that will be obvious. It's also a still-timely (and possibly timeless) holiday tale, of course. In December of…

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Checking Him Twice

Source: NBC News. Hope your holiday travels go better than Santa's have.

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Official Homeland Security Advice: Run & Hide

Well, gosh, this is helpful. Via the Disinformation blog, here's an instructional video produced by the Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security in Houston, described as a "Department of Homeland Security Grant Funded Project of the Regional Catastrophic Planning Initiative"…

Three Arrested in Connection With Maple-Syrup Heist

According to sources in Quebec, the Regional Investigation Division of Sûreté du Québec proceeded with three arrests this morning in relation to the maple-syrup theft at Saint-Louis-de-Blandford between August 1, 2011, and July 30, 2012. Or, put another way: la Division…

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Ukraine’s Parliament Brawling Again

Who doesn't love a good policy fight?   This one's mostly just a big scrum with guys trying to push each other around, and so it's not nearly as entertaining as their 2010 fight that involved smoke bombs, eggs, and…

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Threatening Snowglobe Administration Lifts Some Restrictions

Good news! As Bruce Carton reports, the TSA has decided to modify its existing snow-globe policy to make it easier for the traveling public to transport its snow globes this holiday season. Since at least 2009, as I mentioned here,…