March 2013

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You Are Slightly Safer From Drones Today

The New York Times is reporting that the Senate has voted 63-34 to approve the nomination of John Brennan to be CIA Director. Brennan's nomination had been held up by the 13-hour filibuster of Sen. Rand Paul, who thought it would…

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NOTE: Do Not Kill Yeti Except in Self-Defense

Apparently in response to a request from someone in Washington, in 1959 the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu (yes, Bob Seger spelled it incorrectly) sent back this brief summary of the Nepalese government's "REGULATIONS GOVERNING MOUNTAIN CLIMBING EXPEDITIONS IN NEPAL—RELATING TO YETI." Most…

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WWII Legal Ad Compared Clients to Nazis

Well, technically, just to the Wehrmacht: "If like Poland you're not ready for the onslaught, you too could be ruthlessly torn apart and partitioned between rival dictatorships! Let Bobbs-Merrill intervene on your behalf." This is from an interesting article by…