Note: Guy With Murder Scene Tattooed on His Chest Was Convicted in 2011

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This story, which is circulating again this week for some reason, appears to be a re-report of a report from 2011 on the conviction of Anthony Garcia. See, e.g., "Gang tattoo leads to a murder conviction," Los Angeles Times (Apr. 22, 2011). It was widely reported at that time and I was sure I had reported it too, but if so I can't find it. My prior failure to report it and the current erroneous re-reporting seem like good enough reasons to report on it now, so here's the report.

This guy was caught after a detective looking for leads on another case saw his mugshot and realized that the tattoo on his chest was a remarkably accurate depiction of a four-year-old then-unsolved murder.

tattoo confession
Not long thereafter, the murder was no longer unsolved.

End of report.

Except to provide this link to the version of the photo run in 2011 by the New York Post, in which they annotated the tattoo to show exactly how he had the evidence that convicted him permanently inked onto his chest.