February 2014

That’s an Omnibus Act All Right

When I was researching South Carolina law for purposes of these posts about the video-rental case, I came across this act and thought, you know, the title of that thing could use a little editing: AN ACT TO AMEND THE CODE…

Price Gouging Blamed for Broken Tooth

From a recent Courthouse News report of new filings in Louisiana (thanks, Andy):  USDC Eastern District of Louisiana New Orleans Charles Edward Lincoln III and all others similarly situated v. Bobby Danner, Mayor; Olivier House Hotel; 534 Dauphine Street LLC;…

Accused Videotape-Keeper Beats the Rap

Showing a little belated common sense, Pickens County has apparently decided it doesn’t need to incarcerate Kayla Finley, who was arrested the other day on a nine-year-old warrant for the crime of failing to return a rented copy of Monster-In-Law. For…

Pacifists Get Jail Term for Making Country Safer

Well, this is stupid. Recently I noted that on February 18, a hearing would be held to determine what punishment should be inflicted on three anti-nuclear activists, one of them an 84-year-old nun, who had the bad manners to break…

Updates on the Video-Rental Crime of the Century

Here are a couple of updates on the saga of Monster-In-Law-video-keeper Kayla Finley. See "Woman Arrested Nine Years After Failing to Return Rented Video," Lowering the Bar (Feb. 17, 2014). First, criminal-defense attorney David Liebow points out that even though South Carolina doesn't have a statute…

Woman Arrested Nine Years After Failing to Return Rented Video

Kayla Finley made three mistakes.

  • The first one was in 2005 when she rented Monster-In-Law, a movie in which Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda argue about a wedding; it sports a 16% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, and Roger Ebert said he tried to enjoy it but kept being "interrupted by bulletins from my conscious mind, which hated [it]."
  • The second one was failing to return the movie after she finished watching it (assuming she was able to finish watching it).
  • The third and by far the most serious mistake Kayla Finley made was going to a police station in Pickens County, South Carolina, four days ago, to report a crime.

These three mistakes combined led to her arrest and criminal charges for the nine-year-old offense of failing to return a rented video.

Link goes to FOX 21 website

As FOX Carolina reported on Friday, Finley learned that when you interact with the police, for whatever reason, they will likely run a check on you. She may have known that, but was at least surprised to learn that in her case this turned up an outstanding warrant. The video briefly shows the warrant, which was indeed issued in Pickens County in September 2005 for failing to return "1 VIDEO, [NAMELY] MONSTER-IN-LAW…." Finley was definitely surprised to be arrested for this dastardly offense, let alone to be charged almost a decade after the alleged crime. She vowed to fight the charges.

The report calls this incident "crazy," and it is, but not for the reason you might expect.