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Georgia Town Enters Fight Against Sagging Pants

One of the continuing stupid issues I monitor here is the War on Sagging that still rages across this land. It seems like only yesterday, but was in fact two years ago, that a Florida judge struck down an anti-low-pants…

If Pajamas Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Wear Pajamas

I guess that slogan does work better for guns, probably because that's something people might conceivably care about. At least, until recently it honestly hadn't occurred to me that the wearing of pajamas, even in public, could cause any controversy….

Florida Teen Claims Baggy Pants Saved Him From a ‘Gator

Here's another public-policy factor that Florida legislators considering a ban on saggy pants need to consider: they may offer a defense against gator attacks. According to WKMG in Orlando, a teenager in St. Petersburg said that he was taking a shortcut…