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Feud A’brewin Over Appalachian Pet Ownership

The Collins family of Melvin, Kentucky (that’s Floyd County) loves Kitty and ain’t a-gonna give him up.  "He’s not bothering nobody," says Barry Collins.  But the Hall family does not like Kitty.  "I think [Kitty] needs to be in a…

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DNA Links Dog to Cat Murder

Marylin Christian found her cat Cody dead in her front yard last summer, apparently the victim of an attack by another animal.  She suspected her neighbors’ dog, Lucky, but officials investigating the murder were unable to make a case because…

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PETA Staffer Changes Name to “Kentucky Fried Cruelty”

The youth-outreach coordinator for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, formerly known as "Chris Garnett," has legally changed his name to "" to further PETA's protest against Kentucky Fried Chicken for alleged chicken abuse. "People don't believe me at…

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Where Not to Flee After Robbing Someone, #174

Into the tiger den at the zoo. Officials at this particular zoo, in Bloemfontein, South Africa, have said the Bengal tigers in question "will not be destroyed because they were blameless." AP via

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Police Dog Sued

Andi, a police dog who works for the sheriff’s department in Athens, Ohio, has been named in a lawsuit by an alleged drug dealer who was convicted based in part on a search conducted by Andi.  The AP report did…

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Italian Cities Begin Regulating Pet Owners

Last Tuesday, Rome’s city council passed new by-laws which it said were designed to protect pets against cruel treatment by pet owners. Among other things, the new rules ban keeping fish in "classic spherical fish bowls," and require dog owners…

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Australian Group Calls for Law to Prevent Rabbit Molestation

As the media circus continued to swirl around Brendan McMahon’s rabbit-molestation trial, the president of the Australian Companion Rabbit Society called for a law or policy that would require pet stores to be more vigilant with regard to men who…

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Dog-Bite-Law Man Bitten

Last weekend, the author of New Mexico’s recently-passed Dangerous Dog Act was attacked by his dog. Bob Schwartz, an assistant to the state governor, helped push through the hotly-debated Senate Bill 432, called the "Dangerous Dog Act," which was designed…

Oklahoma Bill Would Require Cocks to Be Gloved

That’s right—a new bill pending in Oklahoma would legalize cockfighting again, so long as the birds wear boxing gloves. Cockfighting was banned in Oklahoma in 2002 after complaints about the practice, which then frequently involved battles to the death between…