Assorted Stupidity

Assorted Stupidity #84

In this edition: the return of Beezow; a 50,000-volt penalty for talking in court; the South Carolina Legislature wastes some (more) time, and a defense to remember.

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Assorted Stupidity #83

In this edition: Twitter crime, logo revision, autolitigation, and yet more security panic.

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Assorted Stupidity #82

In this edition: DUI lawyer demonstrates what not to do, inmate sues for being allowed to escape, and poor planning leads to bigamy arrest. Also, your word of the day is “hibernaculum.”

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Assorted Stupidity #81

In this edition: the schooling of a brain thief, criticism of the Secret Service, and another win for the Thought It Was a Giant Panda defense.

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Assorted Stupidity #80

In this edition: yet another Bieber-related crime, the TSA at “work,” a lawyer’s argument about stirrups, and one surprisingly easy way to foil a bank robbery.

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Assorted Stupidity #79

According to Travel Sentry, Inc., it “creates and manages standards that improve travel security” in cooperation with agencies like the TSA. It doesn’t make luggage locks, but locks made to its standards are “officially recognized and accepted” by the agencies….

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Assorted Stupidity #78

Number of lawsuits filed during 2014 in the U.S. District Court in Tucson: 3,772. Number of those lawsuits filed by Dale Maisano: 2,995 (79.4 percent). Number of lawsuits Maisano has filed in the District of Tennessee: over 1,800. Most lawsuits…

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Assorted Stupidity #77

It's illegal in Florida to harass or disturb a manatee, as it should be because the manatee is an endangered species, and as it must be because they can't defend themselves. Neither of those factors applies to alligators. So if…

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Assorted Stupidity #76

And why has your client not appeared today? the court asked Edinburgh solicitor Roy Harley. Harley said he didn’t know, but noted that “[t]o be frank, My Lord, when he arrived at my office [last week] he was wearing a…

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Assorted Stupidity #75

What's your favorite government program? Mine's the one where the government takes your truck without asking, uses it in a drug sting, botches the operation, refuses to pay for the damage caused by drug dealers filling it (and your driver) full of…