Assorted Stupidity

Assorted Stupidity #106

In this edition: an update on canoeing under the influence, an update on hooting laws, an update on Michael Grimm, and a “field test” for drugs that had trouble distinguishing between meth and donut frosting.

Assorted Stupidity #105

In this issue: Mark of the Beast avoided, “Change Bandits” on the loose, draconian plastic-bag laws, and why rap lyrics shouldn’t be admissible in criminal trials.

Assorted Stupidity #104

In this edition: somebody stole several tons of Nutella, China banned “weird” company names, Taylor Swift crushed it on the witness stand, and there was a biscuit-infringement case. Also, spam.

Assorted Stupidity #102

In this edition: an officer-involved proposal, another reason to read “terms & conditions” carefully, the right to bear machetes in New Jersey, dead rivers, and goat yoga, among other things.

Assorted Stupidity #101

In this edition: an unwise extortionist, Oklahoma fixes its “mistake,” how to commit a crime and still win an election, and an arrest warrant turns up the heat on Bikram Choudhury.

Assorted Stupidity #100

I was planning to do something special for Assorted Stupidity #100, but I haven’t had time and meanwhile the stupidity has really been piling up. So let us continue.

Assorted Stupidity #99.5

In this edition: be on the lookout for orange fingers; the difference between accidental and intentional; police piling on; and a victory for the rule of law (involving traffic cameras, but it’s a start).

Assorted Stupidity #99

In this edition: how to get stuck in a hay bale and live, driving under the influence of caffeine, some stuff about robberies, and a teensy border conflict ends peacefully.

Assorted Stupidity #98

In this edition: law firm sues client, learns why that’s a bad idea; asset-forfeiture programs are still heinous; an unlikely bathroom-cleaning lawsuit; and how to make a little extra cash in Ghana.