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Drinking Problem Suspected for Drunk Attorney

On Monday, a 59-year-old attorney was jailed for lawyering while intoxicated.  The court found the man in contempt of court for showing up drunk, and ordered him held without bail at least until Thursday, when he is scheduled to appear…

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“Feel My Pipes” Deemed Inappropriate Icebreaker at Law Firm Events

In April, the St. Petersburg Times reported on sexual-harassment charges made by several female attorneys at Holland & Knight’s Tampa office against Douglas Wright, a partner in the firm.  The women complained of behavior that Wright called "joking and teasing,"…

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Lawyer’s Ketchup Email Circles the Globe

Yet another lesson taught by the internet on what not to write in an email. In 2005, a senior associate at Baker & McKenzie's London office became a bit irritated with a secretary who had allegedly spilled ketchup on his…