Brilliant Arguments

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"Home of Throwed Rolls" Sued for Throwin’ Rolls

Really for hittin' a gal in her cornea and whatnot after them rolls was throwed. But there's lawyerin' afoot now, that's definite. Lambert's Cafe was founded in Sikeston, Missouri (in the "bootheel") in 1942, and now has three locations due…


DEA Agent: If You Legalize Pot, Rabbits Will Get High

Amazingly, this is not from an episode of South Park, but rather is actual testimony from a DEA agent before the Utah Senate in February. (Washington Post) At the time, Utah was considering a bill to legalize the medical use…

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People sometimes ask where I find "all this stuff" as if there were a limited amount of such material. There is not. It is endless. The well is deep, my friends. Nay, do not seek the bottom, for it cannot…

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A Few Tax Arguments Not to Make

Hey, your taxes are due this week—or ARE they? Yes, they are, that was a figure of speech. You have to pay them.