Brilliant Arguments


DEA Agent: If You Legalize Pot, Rabbits Will Get High

Amazingly, this is not from an episode of South Park, but rather is actual testimony from a DEA agent before the Utah Senate in February. (Washington Post) At the time, Utah was considering a bill to legalize the medical use…

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People sometimes ask where I find "all this stuff" as if there were a limited amount of such material. There is not. It is endless. The well is deep, my friends. Nay, do not seek the bottom, for it cannot…

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A Few Tax Arguments Not to Make

Hey, your taxes are due this week—or ARE they? Yes, they are, that was a figure of speech. You have to pay them.

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Nobody Move! This Is a Film Project

"Knowing Joe, it wasn't really a surprise," said one of Joe's friends about the news that Joe had robbed two banks. "I don't think he meant anything by it other than he was just trying to get some good footage." Whether…

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Police Department Ends Its “Voluntary Search” Program

This program only lasted about five days, so I didn't have time to write about it before it was canceled for being dumb. But it was sufficiently dumb that I'm still going to write about it. On December 5, Wisconsin…

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Court Unconvinced by Lawyer Dressed as Thomas Jefferson

Today in Least Surprising Updates:  The Kansas Supreme Court unanimously held on November 14 that Dennis Hawver would be disbarred for violating <stops to count> seven ethical or court rules when representing a defendant who was ultimately sentenced to death….