TSA Turns Away Mute Stroke Victim

KABC in Los Angeles reported on April 5 that our heroes in the TSA had successfully prevented another innocent disabled person from flying. This time it was a stroke victim in a wheelchair who couldn’t answer questions about her expired…

Baby Fingerprinted

Just a quick follow-up to "Baby Indicted" (April 4): Photo: Agence-France Presse, Getty Images He's apparently being fingerprinted by Steve Carell, and frankly this would have made a lot more sense if it had been on an episode of The Office….

TSA Fines “Naked American Hero” $500

As you may recall, after John Brennan showed TSA agents in Portland he didn't have a bomb by taking off his clothes, they got all upset about it and charges were filed. See "TSA: Wants to See You Naked, Complains When You Get…

Woman Arrested Nine Years After Failing to Return Rented Video

Kayla Finley made three mistakes.

  • The first one was in 2005 when she rented Monster-In-Law, a movie in which Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda argue about a wedding; it sports a 16% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, and Roger Ebert said he tried to enjoy it but kept being "interrupted by bulletins from my conscious mind, which hated [it]."
  • The second one was failing to return the movie after she finished watching it (assuming she was able to finish watching it).
  • The third and by far the most serious mistake Kayla Finley made was going to a police station in Pickens County, South Carolina, four days ago, to report a crime.

These three mistakes combined led to her arrest and criminal charges for the nine-year-old offense of failing to return a rented video.

Link goes to FOX 21 website

As FOX Carolina reported on Friday, Finley learned that when you interact with the police, for whatever reason, they will likely run a check on you. She may have known that, but was at least surprised to learn that in her case this turned up an outstanding warrant. The video briefly shows the warrant, which was indeed issued in Pickens County in September 2005 for failing to return "1 VIDEO, [NAMELY] MONSTER-IN-LAW…." Finley was definitely surprised to be arrested for this dastardly offense, let alone to be charged almost a decade after the alleged crime. She vowed to fight the charges.

The report calls this incident "crazy," and it is, but not for the reason you might expect.

Government Bravely Prosecutes Nun for Embarrassing It

On January 28, unexpected snow postponed the sentencing of 83-year-old Sister Megan Rice and two fellow activists in Knoxville, Tennessee. They face up to 30 years in prison for "willfully damaging federal property" (which they did) and "sabotaging national defense material" (which…

FAA Nixes Beer Delivery by Drone

With everything this country is using drones for, they crack down on beer delivery. The video below is a commercial for Lakemaid Beer, brewed in Minnesota, and it shows a small drone being used to deliver a 12-pack of beer…

What? I Said “Trust NASA.” What Did You Think I Said?

Surely this was just a typo: When this is actually what was going on: Based on documents provided by Edward Snowden, the Post reports that the NSA, to which the President seemed to be referring last week, has in fact "broken…