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The McHenry Code

The latest proof that our traditional civil liberties are under siege came in mid-August, when the city council of McHenry, Illinois, passed an ordinance that bans the use of outdoor costumed business mascots.  The councilmembers have apparently classified the mascots…

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$10 Parking Fine Spawns First-Amendment Brawl

What’s the memo line on your checks really for?  Robert Militzer put his to good use earlier this month when he wrote a check to pay the Berkley County (Michigan) District Court a $10 parking fine.  Militzer admits that during…

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“Citizens” Know More About Simpsons Than About First Amendment

A study commissioned by the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum, a new institution that claims to be dedicated to helping visitors understand the First Amendment but is clearly a Communist front organization, has found that Americans know more about the Simpsons…