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DA Sticks With Witness Who Says He Sees Horned Aliens

See, this is what I mean — I already have a stack of material, and then I see a headline like the above in the Daily Journal this very morning.  The hits just keep on coming.  It’s hard to do…

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NJ Appeals Court Holds No Duty to Warn About Gravity

This week, the New Jersey Appellate Division ruled that a bunk-bed manufacturer has no duty to warn the user of a bunk bed that rolling off the top bunk during sleep may result in gravitationally induced injuries. This ruling was…

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BBC Interviews Wrong Man Re Apple Trademark Verdict

Showing just how easy it is to qualify as a talking-head legal expert on television, Guy Goma bravely fielded questions from a BBC reporter recently about the outcome of a trademark battle between the Beatles’ "Apple Corp." and Apple Computer. …