Good Reasons to Kill

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Good Reason to Kill #55: Dissed Your Smartphone

Few details are available regarding this incident, but then how many do you need? Last week in Tulsa, a woman noticed a man "covered in blood" stumbling around the parking lot of an apartment complex at about 1 a.m. When…

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Good Reason to Kill #54: Was Eating All the Salsa

At least three people sent this to me with a message along the lines of "I saw this and immediately thought of you." I guess I shouldn't be pleased that I come to mind when people attack each other for…

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Good Reason to Kill #17.1: Lost at Beer Pong

Oh dear. This new example (thanks, Steve) is funnier than the original #17, mainly because nobody died. Had I foreseen that beer pong would be the cause of another potentially life-threatening dispute, I'd probably have waited, but such are the…