Homeland Insecurity

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Homeland Security Department at Work Protecting Northern Alabama

In a ceremony Wednesday morning, law-enforcement officers in Homeland Security Region 6 celebrated the fact that additional resources had been provided to secure Region 6 against terror attacks.  So you al-Qaida members who were planning to attack northern Alabama, beware:…

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How Your Homeland-Security Money Is Making You Safer

Just kidding—it isn't. Four-and-a-half years (most of it spent in long security lines) and umpteen billions of dollars after September 11, the Transportation Security Agency has implemented effective security measures to prevent dangerous materials like explosives from getting onto our…

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TRAVELER ALERT: Heads in Luggage Must Be Declared

"Homeland security" air-travel regulations get more ridiculous all the time. First, nail clippers are banned. Now, you can get in trouble just for having a severed head in your luggage. What's next? Myrlene Severe, a 30-year-old Haitian-born resident alien, learned…