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TSA Update: Still Failin’

And in all the same ways. But the new administrator says now there’s a “laser-focus on mission,” so that’s good.

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The Torch Has Been Passed

A thoroughly pissed-off Gen. George Washington to British Lt. General Thomas Gage (Aug. 19, 1775): I have taken Time, Sir, to make a strict Inquiry, and find it has not the least Foundation in Truth. Not only your Officers, and…

Airport Security Seizes Three-Year-Old’s Fart Gun

For once I'm not going to be criticizing the TSA, but that's only because the TSA wasn't involved here in any way. Although it wouldn't surprise me if they have been meeting with their Irish counterparts supposedly to exchange nonsensical…

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TSA: Terror Sorority Alert

Seriously, I'm already way behind on other stuff—could the TSA stop doing stupid $&*# for maybe 48 hours? Is that possible? Today's report (thanks, Erika) is that thousands of passengers were delayed for hours at Hobby Airport in Houston, many…