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UPDATE: More on Your Freedom to Tebow

As I mentioned the other day, many media outlets have been reporting incorrectly that Tim Tebow had been granted a trademark on the act of "Tebowing," not just the term. To some extent this may have been a misunderstanding of…

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Tebow Trademarks “Tebowing”?

Photo: AP Various reports, like this one at the Washington Times, have said that Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has trademarked the act of "Tebowing," but I don't think that's true. He has certainly trademarked the word "Tebowing" for use in a variety…

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Hooray for Jack Daniels (and Its Lawyers)

Especially given the recent Charles Carreon nastiness, it is nice to get a reminder that many lawyers are not (and need not be) assholes. Cease-and-desist letters are a frequent source of evidence to the contrary. These are often necessary in…