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Please Read This Before Bombing New Mexico

First: Do not blow up any part of New Mexico without express permission. Second: By "this" I don't mean this post, although if you have started your research here that is fine, if somewhat disturbing. By "this," of course, I…

MUGABE SPOKESMAN: Even Jesus Would Have Tripped

This is a little off-topic, although political leaders are part of the legal system and so I have generally considered their antics to be within my jurisdiction and even if I didn’t I would mention this one anyway so who…

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Official Who Kicked Protester Reports Leg Trauma

According to this report (Hurriyet Daily News), Yusuf Yerkel took some time off work over the last few days so he could recover from injuries suffered in the brutal incident pictured below. He, of course, is the one shown kicking a helpless…

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Baby Walks

According to Newsweek Pakistan: A court on Saturday threw out charges of attempted murder against a nine-month-old baby, in a case that highlighted endemic flaws in Pakistan’s legal system and provoked widespread ridicule. The former suspect's bail application has also…

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Baby Indicted

Muhammad Mosa Khan, who claims to be a nine-month-old infant, was charged yesterday with attempted murder and assaulting a police officer, according to multiple sources (BBC, The News (Pakistan)) (thanks, Justin). The accused was released after posting a bond of 50,000 rupees….