Jury Duty (Avoiding)

Christ Excused From Jury Duty

Yet another way to get out of jury duty: change your name to "Jesus Christ." Actually, that may not be enough, based on the report this week that Jesus Christ, in this incarnation a 59-year-old woman formerly known as "Dorothy…

How to Avoid Jury Duty, #7: Die

A woman in Arlington, Washington, said her husband would not be reporting for jury duty as ordered on June 24, because he had been dead since 2005. Finally, an absolutely ironclad excuse for getting out of jury duty. County officials…

Lessons in Avoiding Jury Duty

Thankfully, the Chicago Tribune is providing "gavel-to-gavel" coverage of the R. Kelly trial in Cook County, and though this trial will probably teach us many important lessons, the first of them has to do with jury service. Reporter Stacy St….