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DEA Agent: If You Legalize Pot, Rabbits Will Get High

Amazingly, this is not from an episode of South Park, but rather is actual testimony from a DEA agent before the Utah Senate in February. (Washington Post) At the time, Utah was considering a bill to legalize the medical use…

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Groping Conspiracy Thwarted, TSA Claims [Updated]

It still hasn't caught any terrorists, but it has managed to root out a conspiracy of gropers (maybe sub-conspiracy is a better term) within its own ranks, according to this report.  After another employee reported that a screener at Denver…

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Aggravated Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

It's probably easier, though, if you are the head of the International Monetary Fund. In what seems like a very French sort of case, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and 13 other people are on trial for allegedly organizing—well, not surprisingly, what they're…

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S.F. Cops Arrest Public Defender for Publicly Defending

The officer's explanation to the lawyer at the time was that if she didn't stop objecting to what he wanted to do, "I will arrest you for resisting arrest." That either made sense to him or he just didn't care….

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Nude Citizens Make Nude Citizens’ Arrest of Nude Citizen

Seems to me like this would be incredibly awkward, but then I'm not a nudist (except on very special occasions, like Thursdays). Maybe to them it's no big deal. It seems likely, though, that the citizen arrested in this citizens'…

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Police Department Ends Its “Voluntary Search” Program

This program only lasted about five days, so I didn't have time to write about it before it was canceled for being dumb. But it was sufficiently dumb that I'm still going to write about it. On December 5, Wisconsin…