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Dog-Bite-Law Man Bitten

Last weekend, the author of New Mexico’s recently-passed Dangerous Dog Act was attacked by his dog. Bob Schwartz, an assistant to the state governor, helped push through the hotly-debated Senate Bill 432, called the "Dangerous Dog Act," which was designed…

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Lawmaker Will Keep Promise to Run Naked Through Town

Saying he did not want to break an election promise, New Zealand legislator Keith Locke will run naked through an Auckland suburb. Locke, a member of the Green Party, stated publicly that he would run through the streets naked if…

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Fat Legislator Does Not Blame Food Suppliers For His Fatness

Rep. Ron Iverson, a Republican legislator in North Dakota's House of Representatives, and a frequent visitor to its House of Pancakes, has introduced legislation that would shield food-related organizations from obesity-related lawsuits. He is an ideal sponsor for the bill,…