Lawsuits (Baffling)

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From the Docket: Satan’s Employees, Dangerous Doors

These are third-party summaries of a couple of cases filed recently in San Francisco Superior Court. This first one seems to involve a party admission of the kind you just don't get that often: Rabbi ______ v. Mark Hopkins Intercontinental…

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From the Docket: Alleged Failure to Supervise Knife Use

Aprille Mammone v. Vector Marketing Corporation; Jordan Anderson, No. CV 1003399 (Marin County Super. Ct. filed June 29, 2010). Complaint for negligence. The defendants were engaged in a sales presentation of kitchen and sporting knives when they negligently allowed the…

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From the Docket: Attack of the Bulb

Eric Wright v. Alliance Residential LLC, Case No. RG10-519746 (filed June 10, 2010). Premises liability action where the plaintiff was hit in the head by a light bulb in his kitchen at The Courtyards apartments in Emeryville [California]. The plaintiff was…