Lawsuits (Ridiculous)

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Appeal of Crunch Berries Case Dismissed

People, I’ve just received terrible news: the appeal in the Crunch Berries case has been dismissed. As you may recall (I’ve brought it up often enough), this was the California consumer-fraud case in which the plaintiff alleged she had purchased “Cap’n…

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UPDATE And Comment On The Crunchberry Litigation

The tale of the woman who sued the manufacturer of "Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries" for allegedly misleading her about the "berries," has turned out to be extremely popular, bringing literally tens of thousands of people to this site over…

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No Reconsideration of Verdict in Pants Case: Appeal Looms

No surprises here — Roy Pearson's motion for reconsideration of the verdict against him in the lost-pants case was swiftly denied by Judge Judith Bartnoff. She ruled on Monday that the 35 pages of his motion did not include any…