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Deer Season Cited As Basis for Motion to Continue Trial Date

To the list of possible reasons for seeking a continuance, you can now add the start of deer-hunting season, at least if you live in Arkansas.  John Hall, the attorney for Bobby Junior Cox (not "Bobby Cox, Jr.," but "Bobby…

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Hussein Can Poke American Eyes With Own Hands

More comedy this week from the Saddam Hussein trial in Baghdad. Hussein claimed on Wednesday in one of his patented courtroom outbursts that he has been beaten "everywhere on [his] body" by Americans while in detention and that he has…

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Robert Blake Sought to Enlist 70s Stars in His Legal Defense

The L.A. Times reports that Robert Blake, the former star of "Baretta" who was accused of killing his wife, was very involved in his legal defense strategy, according to transcripts of conversations he had while in prison awaiting trial. In…