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Nebraska County Will Proceed With Pointless Recall Election

A recall election has been scheduled in Howard County, Nebraska, aimed at the removal from office of Sheriff Troy Kaiser, who is accused of intimidating employees and threatening the county attorney.  (It’s nice to know there is at least one…

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Rhode Island Anti-Autograph Bill Doomed to Failure

Rhode Island Senator Roger Badeau says he was appalled when Red Sox players participated in an autograph-signing event in his state last year and charged children $200 per autograph. Feeling that the state need to send a message that sports…

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Iowa Bill Would Protect Public From Deadly Spinner Hubcaps

The latest deadly threat to be the subject of legislation is the “spinner hubcap,” the flashy spinning wheel covers that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Iowa House Bill 108 would make it a misdemeanor to operate any vehicle…