Lowering the Bar Exam Questions

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Police Dog: The Meat-Smuggler’s Nemesis

In August, police in Framingham, Massachusetts, responded to a report that a gas station had been robbed.  They brought along a tracking dog and released it in the direction in which witnesses said the robber had gone.  Just a few…

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Man Who Attempted Suicide Sues Hospital That Saved Him

If someone injures you while saving your life, can you sue them? Well, of course you can sue them, since you’re not dead, but can you win? I guess so.  Earlier this month, Michael Dexter was paid 90,000 pounds as…

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Panic, Heroism Reportedly on Display During California Bar Exam

A source who was taking the California Bar Exam on July 29, when the session was presented in Sensurround, reports scenes of both abject fear and valiant heroism among the attorneys-to-be at the Ontario test site, arguably closest to the…