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The Story of Eric the (Weed) Entrepreneur

He's sitting there like

If you don’t know what Storify is, well, you probably have a life unless you play Pokémon Go, in which case you don’t, really. Basically, Storify is a way to tell a longish story that originally appeared on Twitter, but tell it in a way humans can understand. In chronological order, for example. See, e.g., “Twitter Takedown of Scottish Scam” (Feb. 26, 2015).

Anyway, a couple days ago, Greg Doucette, an attorney in Durham, North Carolina, tweeted a story about one of his former clients, a college student he referred to as “Eric the Entrepreneur” (not his real name) but who himself wanted to be known (eventually) as “Durham’s Weed Man”:

weed man

record scratch

This was a business plan for a future business, that is, on the assumption that North Carolina would one day legalize recreational marijuana. It gets better, too.

Rather than continue to re-Storify it here, though, I’m going to link to the original Storification by Michael Solis. He presents it well and, even better, that way I don’t have to do the work involved.

Also, T. Greg’s Twitter feed is here, and as he’s running for the state Senate, here’s that site. Pretty sure that’s current although (like his law-firm site) it still has some Lorem Ipsum text in a few places:


Actually, I thought that worked perfectly well for a campaign site. It’s certainly more honest than most. But here’s some actual info about him.