Recommended Books

Note: buying any of the books below via these links will get Amazon to send me some money. Obviously, buying my book will result in more money still, although, sadly, much less than you might think. But as always, thanks for supporting Lowering the Bar in any way, shape, or form.

My book on 6,000 years’ worth of laws that are (or were) real, dumb, and real dumb.

If you like words, pictures, and criminal law, well, here you go.

If you’ve ever wondered whether the Legion of Doom would be vulnerable to a RICO prosecution, get this book.

An outstanding book about the frightening trend of police militarization.

Augustine wrote “On Lies” in the fourth century. Surprising that it took 17 centuries for humans to produce this.

Sort of like some of the stuff I write, but for science. And with pictures.

The notes of someone who took and passed the New York bar exam, illustrated.

I haven’t read this one, but I bet it’s good.

Typography is more important than people think. I use this book all the time.

A Kentucky law professor writes about the true stories behind the odd phenomenon of “Southern murder ballads.”


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