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Another Zamboni DUI

I’m glad to see that The Smoking Gun‘s records are consistent with mine—we agree that this was the third known arrest for driving a Zamboni while intoxicated. I have a total of four Zamboni crimes, but one of them did not…

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Second Zamboni DWI Reported

The Smoking Gun reports that a 34-year-old arena employee was arrested Monday night in Minnesota for driving while intoxicated. Witnesses reported the man was driving erratically, which responding officers confirmed when they saw him “struggling to maneuver” his vehicle. And…

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Rink Employees Fired For Late-Night Zamboni Run

Two employees of Idaho Ice World, a skating rink in Boise, were fired this week after they made a midnight fast-food run. That might not ordinarily have been a problem except that they were driving their Zambonis. As many of…