Fat Legislator Does Not Blame Food Suppliers For His Fatness

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Rep. Ron Iverson, a Republican legislator in North Dakota's House of Representatives, and a frequent visitor to its House of Pancakes, has introduced legislation that would shield food-related organizations from obesity-related lawsuits. He is an ideal sponsor for the bill, as he himself suffers from obesity-related fatness.

The AP described Iverson as "portly," but he admitted he is "fat." He stated, "We cannot, and we should not, hold Burger King, McDonald's … and Taco Bell, restaurants that serve food that people like to eat, responsible. The reason I'm fat is because I make bad food choices, and I don't exercise….[Restaurants] do not force me to pay for their product, and they do not force me to eat it. I do that." (You force you to eat their products?)

A spokesperson for the North Dakota Trial Lawyers' Association said the legislation was a bad idea because juries were capable of deciding the merits of such cases. She was then devoured by Rep. Iverson, who said that no one had forced him to do it, and that she was delicious.