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The editor of Blawg Review has started a "meme," which Wikipedia defines as a "theoretical unit of cultural information . . . that propagates from one mind to another analogously to the way in which a gene propagates from one organism to another . . . ."  Well, not in the same way, exactly, but you get the idea.  If a meme is a good meme, it will continue to spread; if not, eventually it will be taken out behind the shed and buried.

This one is designed to spread the word about good law blogs — Blawg Review nominated ten blogs, encouraged their authors to name ten more, etc.  I was "tagged" in the third wave by Kimberly Kralowec of The UCL Practitioner (thanks, Kimberly), and so here are my suggestions.  You won’t be surprised to learn my list is made up mostly of blogs I think are funny.  In no particular order:

  • A Criminal Waste of Space
    • How many appellate justices have made you snort milk, or whatever you happened to be drinking, out your nose?  Justice William Bedsworth has that power.  That, plus the ability to potentially make fun of me in court, ensures that he will be listed here.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog
    • The blog of the Wall Street Journal, you are thinking, cannot possibly be funny.  But did you not also once think, Kid Rock cannot possibly be married to Pamela Anderson?  And yet that also was so, Grasshopper.  Written by Peter Lattman (and others), the WSJ Law Blog is always entertaining.
  • That’s What She Said
    • Julie Elgar of the employment-law firm Ford & Harrison watches each episode of "The Office" and then posts a comment on what Dunder-Mifflin management did wrong, complete with an estimate of the litigation value of the acts in each episode.  A great idea.
  • Legal Antics
    • Nicole Black is a frighteningly energetic writer and attorney in Rochester, New York, who was already publishing a New York law blog called Sui Generis, writing a weekly column for a legal newspaper and practicing law when she decided she didn’t have enough to do and started this legal humor blog.  Good stuff.
  • The Law and Magic Blog
    • I think I would like this blog if it had no posts at all, I like the name and the idea so much.  But there are posts.  This blog is written by Christine Corcos, an associate law professor at LSU, who is finishing up a book on law and magic due out next year.  If you need a lawyer-magician for your firm — and who doesn’t? — there are some listed here.
  • On Point Legal News
    • Written by Matthew Heller in association with Courthouse News Service, this blog is often very funny in addition to being a great source of news.  It frequently provides links to the actual court documents, so you can see the work product of those who are, for example, suing "Borat."
  • Legal Juice
    • This relatively new blog by John Mesirow of Mesirow & Stravitz, PLLC, is big and bright and funny and has lots of graphics and I like the format.  Damn you, John Mesirow!  This is good.  (I am slowly shaking my fist at you.)
  • QuizLaw
    • Same for you, Seth and Dustin of QuizLaw.  This blog is also very funny, and covers many of the same stories I like but with the added bonus of being able to use a lot of profanity.
  • New York Personal Injury Law Blog
    • Also funnier than you might expect, given the name, is this blog written by Eric Turkewitz.  Not designed as a humor blog, but very well-written and often very funny.  Plus, any blog with an entire category of posts on Robert Bork’s slip-and-fall lawsuit is going to be okay with me.
  • Overlawyered
    • No surprises here — Overlawyered is good.  It’s well-known so does not need yet another nomination, but I sometimes get material here for my "Unnecessary Lawsuits" category, they let me "guest-blog" once, and they linked to one of my clown posts, so I’m gonna list them.  Thanks, Walter Olson and Ted Frank.

That’s ten, so I’m stopping.  There are lots more good ones out there, of course, but all of the above are worthy of your attention.