Comical Case Name #1

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Vacation (or the impending end of it, anyway) is also a good excuse to clean out the archives.  Here’s a case name I always liked:

United States v. 11 1/4 Dozen Packages of Articles Labeled in Part Mrs. Moffat’s Shoo-Fly Powders for Drunkenness, 40 F. Supp. 208 (W D.N.Y. 1941) (holding product was misbranded because it was not in fact a cure or treatment for drunkenness).

I’m not aware that there is anything amusing about that case other than the name, so I will put cases like that on a separate page in the continuously evolving Lowering the Bar Legal Document Archive.

Link: Ye Olde Gallerie of Case Names Found Whimsical by Ye Proprietor (name possibly subject to revision); see also Noteworthy Court Orders, Useful Pleadings, and ye Case Law Hall of Fame.