A Year of Lowering the Bar

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My latest article, "A Year of Lowering the Bar," appears in the most recent version of The Green Bag's yearly almanac & reader, or to use its full title, the "Almanac of Useful and Entertaining Tidbits for Lawyers for the Year to Come and Reader of Exemplary Legal Writing from the Year Just Passed."

I provide tidbits.

You may recognize many of them, depending on how often you read Lowering the Bar, because all of them originated here (well, I guess they originated somewhere else and then I wrote about them all here).  The article is basically a summary of selected events for a 12-month period starting around Halloween 2008, beginning with the "who gets to do oral argument" dramedy of Carcieri v. Kempthorne and ending with the Washington Supreme Court's decision to hear a case about whether horn-honking can be protected speech. It was a pretty good year.

The Almanac itself I think is available only to subscribers, but you can download a reprint of the article at the link below.  It would probably look great on your new iPad, although I guess you could also read it on regular old paper.  Thanks again to The Green Bag, the most entertaining law review you will ever read.

Link: A Year of Lowering the Bar (Green Bag Almanac 2010) (PDF).