Assorted Stupidity #75

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  • Speaking of marijuana, it is still illegal in Connecticut, at least, and so “courthouse” should still be on any attorney’s list of places not to drop bags of it. Assuming you could get hold of any, that is (see above).
  • Speaking of people who have more money than they should, King Salman of Saudi Arabia announced this week that he was naming a new successor, so if you had Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz in your fantasy monarch league, better luck next time. Those who had Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, congratulations.
  • To make that a legal topic, until recently succession was determined by fraternal agnatic seniority—the throne went to the current king’s oldest brother, even if the king had a son (that’s agnatic primogeniture). That wasn’t going to work forever, though, because ibn Saud had at least 43 legitimate sons (reports vary). At this point, they are all either old or dead. The new crown prince would be the first grandson to take over.
  • How many daughters did ibn Saud have? Ha! You are very funny to suggest anyone would have bothered to count them. Oho. Ha. Count the daughters. Yes. Very good.
  • Okay, last one: that same scholar also points out (in a footnote) that Mohammed’s first wife owned her own business at the time they were married (in fact, he worked for her, and she proposed to him), and he did not make her stop working after the marriage. Yes, that Mohammed. Peace be upon him.