Assorted Stupidity

Assorted Stupidity #134

In this edition: the president’s lawyers say some words, the risks of using Zoom in legal proceedings, a Florida man wants his job back, and a donkey gets arrested for gambling.

Assorted Stupidity #132

In this edition, “total authority,” felony eluding, coronavirus lawsuits, and an unlikely “date night” involving a Native American burial ground.

Assorted Stupidity #131

In this edition: ship attacked with train, drunken driver’s ed, a man tries to enforce a relationship promise in court, an alleged dinosaur attack, and so on.

Assorted Stupidity #130

In this edition: indifferent rabbits, one-star reviews, yet another failed water escape, and a cat fight.

Assorted Holiday Stupidity

A few reminders that “happy holidays” is an expression of hope, not necessarily a statement of fact.

Assorted Stupidity #128

In this edition: Krispy Kreme caves, “the voodoo” gives commands, criminal charges for overdue library books (again), and so forth.

Assorted Stupidity #127

In this edition: defendant’s five-day filibuster fails, Rotondo returns, a cost estimate for that moat the president wanted, and a questionable Russian lawsuit.

Assorted Stupidity #126

In this edition: dysfunctional demand notes; good punctuation (but bad behavior); the great-great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II; a Bigfoot sighting in Kentucky; and why you shouldn’t throw a refrigerator off a cliff in Spain.

Assorted Stupidity #125

In this edition (among other things): elks, knights, serial toilet cloggers, Oregon and Florida legislators, the TSA, and beavers.