Assorted Stupidity

Assorted Stupidity #114

In this edition: how to lose a defamation case, updates on that 30-year-old evicted by his parents, one lawyer’s unfair pummeling, and a truly low-effort (though surprisingly successful) crime.

Assorted Stupidity #113

In this edition: another attempted water escape fails; all of Quebec’s laws are apparently unconstitutional; a magician’s gettin’ sued; and special guest appearances by Rod Blagojevich and the legendary Spa Bandit.

Assorted Stupidity #112

In this edition: a Florida drive-thru lane with mysterious powers; a couple of ways not to observe Easter; and a Kentucky case that turned on whether harm caused by a motion-sensing air freshener was foreseeable.

Assorted Stupidity #111

In this edition: the Manson family might be getting back together; Minnesota’s getting an official horse; Kris Kobach isn’t a trial lawyer; the last of Martin Shkreli for a while; and a federal lawsuit involving a gingerbread house.

Assorted Stupidity #110

In this edition: lawyer goes on bad date, juror claims someone’s trying to poison him, why you should space out robberies a little more, and another stupid thing the TSA did.

Assorted Stupidity #108

In this edition: creative sentencing, meddling agents, the Code of Hammurabi, and a very, very bad idea.

Assorted Stupidity #107

In this edition (among other things): the law of unintended consequences again; Chuck Norris litigates, for once; and why some contracts may need a “no-sex clause.”

Assorted Stupidity #106

In this edition: an update on canoeing under the influence, an update on hooting laws, an update on Michael Grimm, and a “field test” for drugs that had trouble distinguishing between meth and donut frosting.

Assorted Stupidity #105

In this issue: Mark of the Beast avoided, “Change Bandits” on the loose, draconian plastic-bag laws, and why rap lyrics shouldn’t be admissible in criminal trials.