Attorneys in Action

Goat-Slayer Running for Senate

Some say Augustus Sol Invictus sacrificed a goat to the pagan god of the wilderness and then drank goat blood. Actually, HE says that. But he has denied being a fascist who wants to start another Civil War, so let’s not jump to conclusions.

“Game of Thrones” Fan Demands Trial by Combat

So, this happened: This was once relatively common, but not in the last half-millennium and not on Staten Island, so it’s newsworthy at this point. The defendant, Richard Luthmann, made this demand in a reply brief he filed in Richmond…

Toddler Enjoys Lawyer-Themed Birthday Party

Well, this seems to have happened in January but didn’t receive the publicity it deserves until the WSJ’s Law Blog covered it recently. Obviously I need better sources in Prairieville, Louisiana. That’s the home of the Dobra family, whose youngest…