Legal Profession

Criminal-Defense Attorney May Be Criminal Defense Attorney

You barbarians out there who aren't hyphenating compound adjectives should take note: sometimes it makes a difference. The San Francisco Chronicle reported last week on what it called an "unusual twist" in the trial of a man charged with fraud: his…

Program Note

No new posts today (except this one, of course) or tomorrow, because to your likely shock and amazement I am actually arguing a case tomorrow before the California Supreme Court. And no, the case is not in any way comical….

Court Unconvinced by Lawyer Dressed as Thomas Jefferson

Today in Least Surprising Updates:  The Kansas Supreme Court unanimously held on November 14 that Dennis Hawver would be disbarred for violating <stops to count> seven ethical or court rules when representing a defendant who was ultimately sentenced to death….

The Screaming Itches

Today's Quiz: "The Screaming Itches" would be: (a) unwise to bring up on a first date (b) a good name for a band (c) a bad excuse for failing to appear in court (d) all of the above Of course…

“I Am Incompetent!” Lawyer Argues Unnecessarily

Last Friday, Dennis Hawver argued to the Kansas Supreme Court that he should not be disbarred for his representation of Phillip Cheatham in a 2005 trial. As you may suspect, that trial that did not go well for the defense. Certainly,…