Pants in the News

Just a grab-bag of pants-related legal-humor items. That’s all.

Tales of Humpty Doo

WARNING: You may well want to stop reading after the phrase, “here comes knowledge.”

Last-Minute Gift Suggestions

They might not get there by Christmas, but you could tell the person you got them something, and isn’t that really what matters?

MOM! I’m Representing Myself, Okay?! God!

The headline is "Rockland man attempts to seal court documents in domestic assault case," but the lesson is "think carefully before asking your mom to drive you to court." I'm just speculating that's what happened here, but I can't think…


Quite a few developments lately in stories I have previously mentioned. These all deserve more words than they're getting below, but it's hard enough to keep up with the new material.  The man who was charged in February with driving…