Whereas, South Florida Should Become the 51st State

That's the view of the City of South Miami, at least, or to be more specific it's the view of three of its five commissioners. By a 3-2 vote, the city commission has, for the second time, passed a resolution…

Court Suggests Plaintiff Could Have Grounded His Brain

A statement in a judicial opinion that isn't necessary to the holding is called a dictum (pl. dicta), and isn't technically binding (though it may or may not be persuasive). Here's a good example of that from a 1976 federal case (thanks,…

Scientists’ Earthquake-Manslaughter Convictions Overturned

The credibility of Italy's entire scientific community has been restored. —Stefano Gresta, President of the NationalInstitute of Geophysics (Nov. 11, 2014) Well, we never doubted its scientific community. <checks blog to confirm that he never mocked Italy's scientific community> Just the legal one….