Official State Crap

Official State Crap: California

Official state nickname: The Golden State. Official state mineral: gold. Official state motto: "Eureka" (Greek for "I have found it," the "it" in this case probably being gold). Official state flower: the golden poppy. Official state colors: gold (also blue)….

Official State Crap: Arkansas

Official state nickname: "The Natural State." First official state motto: Regnant Populi ("The People(s) Rule"?). Year they decided that was either grammatically incorrect in Latin or not quite what they wanted to say: 1907. Current official state motto: Regnat Populus ("The People Rule")….

Official State Crap: Arizona

Official state tree: the Palo Verde (not clear which kind, either Parkinsonia florida or Parkinsonia microphylla, could be both). Official state fossil: petrified wood (Araucarioxylon arizonicum, although that species may not actually exist). Official state bird: the cactus wren, "otherwise known as Coues'…

Official State Crap: Alaska

Official state song: "Alaska's Flag" Official state motto: North to the Future Official state seal that supposedly can't be used without permission: this one Official state bird: the Alaska Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus alascensis Swarth) Official state tree: the Sitka…

Official State Crap: Alabama

As you are probably aware, every state legislature has declared, whether in a statute, regulation, resolution, or otherwise, that various things will thenceforth be the "official state [thing]." This includes, of course, things like official state flags and seals and…